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About Golden Eagle Acres Metropolitan District No 1-3

 What school district will Golden Eagle Acres be included in?

  • Golden Eagle Acres will be part of the Eaton School District.

Trash Service:

  • In order to reduce noise, wear and tear to the roads, and visibility of trash cans, Ram Waste has been chosen as the preferred trash provider in Golden Eagle Acres. You may contact Ram at (970) 226-3396 to start services. Trash day is Tuesday, and recycling is picked up every other week.
  • Trash cans must be put away out of sight until the evening before trash day and must be stored again by the evening on trash day. Materials, junk, trash, scrap metal, etc. must be stored out of sight from street view.

Will there be an HOA at Golden Eagle Acres?

  • There will not be an HOA but Golden Eagle Acres will be part of a Metropolitan District, with similar rules and regulations as an HOA.

Who will the water provider be at Golden Eagle Acres?

  • The potable water will be provided through North Weld County Water District and there will also be a non-potable irrigation system provided by the Metro District.

Will Golden Eagle Acres have natural gas or propane?

  • Golden Eagle Acres will have natural gas installed for all lots.

Will Golden Eagle Acres have septic or city sewer? 

  • Golden Eagle Acres will be septic service.

Will animals be allowed at Golden Eagle Acres?

  • Yes, Golden Eagle Acres allows: household pets (dogs and cats), chickens (with a permit from the town), hobby livestock (goats, sheep etc.) and other hobby livestock animals of other similar size can be approved on a case by case basis. No horses or cattle are allowed. 

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions!