What school district will Golden Eagle Acres be included in?

  • Golden Eagle Acres will be part of the Eaton School District.

Will there be an HOA at Golden Eagle Acres?

  • There will not be an HOA but Golden Eagle Acres will be part of a Metropolitan District, with similar rules and regulations as an HOA.

Who will the water provider be at Golden Eagle Acres?

  • The potable water will be provided through North Weld County Water District and there will also be a non-potable irrigation system provided by the Metro District.

Will Golden Eagle Acres have natural gas or propane?

  • Golden Eagle Acres will have natural gas installed for all lots.

Will Golden Eagle Acres have septic or city sewer? 

  • Golden Eagle Acres will be septic service.

Will animals be allowed at Golden Eagle Acres?

  • Yes, Golden Eagle Acres allows: household pets (dogs and cats), chickens (with a permit from the town), hobby livestock (goats, sheep etc.) and other hobby livestock animals of other similar size can be approved on a case by case basis. No horses or cattle are allowed. 

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